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Berlin, NJ 08009
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Kathleen Adams from Berlin, NJ
Francis Adolf from Pitman, NJ
Peter Agresti from Sicklerville, NJ
Leonor Agron from Sicklerville, NJ
Mary Albanese from Berlin, NJ
Frank Albanese from Berlin, NJ
Joseph Alibrando Sr. from Berlin, NJ
Santiago Alonso Alvarez from Deptford, NJ
Andrew Alston from Sicklerville, NJ
Rosemarie Alston from Sicklerville, NJ
Epifanio Alvarez from Sicklerville, NJ
Luigi Amariti from Voorhees, NJ
Mark Anderson from Berlin, NJ
Diane Anderson from Berlin, NJ
David Anderson 3rd from Tansboro, NJ
Christine Andrew from Egg Harbor City, NJ
Edith Andrilla from Berlin, NJ
Genevieve Angelino from Waterford, NJ
Gary Angulot from Pine Hill, NJ
Evelyn Angulot from W. Berlin, NJ
Ralph Anthony from Marlton, NJ
Elaine Antonelli from Voorhees, NJ
Joel Arcilla from Berlin, NJ
Morton Argoe from Berlin, NJ
Veronica Arnold from Winslow Twp. Elm, NJ
Sherry Arzillo from Merchantville, NJ
Phillip Asay from Berlin, NJ
Betty Atkins from Barrington, NJ
Robert Austin from Stratford, NJ
Elizabeth Babij from Atco, NJ
Lorraine Baerga from Clementon, NJ
Salvatore Baglieri from Pine Hill, NJ
Rocco Bagone Jr. from Southhampton, NJ
Joseph Bakanowsky from Gibbsboro, NJ
George Bakley from Magnolia, NJ
Theresa Bakos from Somerdale, NJ
William Bansch from Cherry Hill, NJ
Rose Bansch from Berlin, NJ
Angelo Barbera from Williamstown, NJ
Carol Bari from Berlin, NJ
Ruth Barry from Laurel Springs, NJ
Michael Bartie from Waterford, NJ
Sharon Barton from Williamstown, NJ
Florence Baylis from Voorhees, NJ
Agnes Bealer from Berlin, NJ
Marie Beckman from Cherry Hill, NJ
Margaret Belanger from Haddonfield, NJ
Josephine Belli from Berlin, NJ
Barbara Berglund from Berlin, NJ
Leslie Berglund from Williamstown, NJ
Paul Bernhardt from Berlin, NJ
Queen Berry-Williams from Clayton, DE
Christopher Berthel from West Berlin, NJ
Judith "Serita" Bewley from Voorhees, NJ
Janet Bianchi from Berlin, NJ
Irene Bianchi from Clementon, NJ
Gary Biemiller from Gibbsboro, NJ
Rocco Bilazzo from Bloomington, MN
Joanne Bintliff from W. Berlin, NJ
Richard Blasberg from Barrington, NJ
Yolanda Blasberg from Haddon Heights, NJ
Joseph Blase from Pine Hill, NJ
Salvatore Blasi Jr. from Marlton, NJ
Gerald Blithe from Pine Hill, NJ
Gerald Blithe from Williamstown, NJ
James Blunt-Durham from Sicklerville, NJ
Lucy Bobco from Berlin, NJ
Ida Boccella from Berlin, NJ
Soccorso Boccella from Berlin, NJ
Brandy Boccella from Atco, NJ
Joann Boggs from Sicklerville, NJ
Doris Bolam from Tuckerton, NJ
Marjorie Bolger from Ocean City, NJ
Peter Bombaro from Berlin, NJ
James Bond from W. Berlin, NJ
Florence Borbe from Lindenwold, NJ
Francis Bortner from Marlton, NJ
Helen Bothwell from Moorestown, NJ
Isabel Bottino from Williamstown, NJ
Alfred Boughton from Hi Nella, NJ
Karen Bowen from Berlin, NJ
Paul Bowen from Apollo Beach, FL
Catherine Boyle from Blue Anchor, NJ
Elvira Brady from Haddon Heights, NJ
Beverly Branam-Davis from Berlin, NJ
Nicholas Branco from W. Berlin, NJ
William Brand from Sicklerville, NJ
Charles Brandt from Haddonfield, NJ
Josephine Breckenridge from W. Berlin, NJ
Mark Brenhuber from Little Egg Harbor, NJ
Walter Brierley from Sicklerville, NJ
Marguerit Brodzik from Williamstown, NJ
Marianna Bromley from Berlin, NJ
Patricia Bronsky from Palm Coast, FL
Curtis Brown from Moorestown, NJ
Regina Brown from Cinnaminson, NJ
Edward Brown from Mt Laurel, NJ
Helene Brown from Berlin, NJ
Vennie Browning from Lindenwold, NJ
Norah Brundage from Sicklerville, NJ
Robert Brunges from Audubon Park, NJ
Anthony Bruno from Oaklyn, NJ
Dvonne Bryant from West Berlin, NJ
Armand Bucci from Voorhees, NJ
Arthur Bucciero from Lindenwold, NJ
Lisa Budd from Gloucester, NJ
Christopher Burch from West Berlin, NJ
Anthony Burgo from Audubon, NJ
Roderick Burkacki from Winslow Twp., NJ
Sheila Burkacki from Berlin, NJ
James Burke from Berlin, NJ
Joan Burke from Berlin, NJ
Joseph Burns from Clementon, NJ
Daniel Burns from Atco, NJ
Kathryn Burton from Voorhees, NJ
John Bush from Egg Harbor Twp, NJ
Angelo Buttari from Little Egg Harbor, NJ
Geneve Buttari from Berlin, NJ
Steven Byrne from Laurel Springs, NJ
Edward Byrnes from Berlin, NJ
Dominick Calabrese from Atco, NJ
Elaine Callaway from Berlin, NJ
Edith Campbell from Atco, NJ
Jamie Campbell from Palmyra, NJ
Judith Cancelliere from Berlin, NJ
Roma Canfield from Voorhees, NJ
William "Carl" Canfield from Voorhees, NJ
Rosalie Cannuli from Laurel Springs, NJ
Ronald Capone from Williamstown, NJ
Frayda Capone from Williamstown, NJ
Philip Capone from Williamstown, NJ
Teresita Carey from Vineland, NJ
Maria Carnovale from Pine Hill, NJ 08021
Silvio Caro from Voorhees, New Jersey
Armanda Carpenter from Gibbstown, NJ
Robert Carroll from Southampton, NJ
Debra Carter from W. Berlin, NJ
Joseph Cartwright from Hammonton, NJ
Louis Casa from Cherry Hill, NJ
Josephine Casario from Atco, NJ
Blanche Casario from Cherry Hill, NJ
Dominick Cassario from Berlin, NJ
Erma Cassario from Berlin, NJ
Joseph Castine from Atlantic City, NJ
Cynthia Castner from Lindenwold, NJ
Robert Castner from Lindenwold, NJ
Raymond Cathrall from Miami Gardens, FL
Alice Cathrall from Miami Gardens, FL
Bertha Cathrall from Stratford, NJ
Mildred Cattani from Tabernacle, NJ
Mary Cella from Marlton, NJ
Rudolph Cellini from Elm, NJ
Aurora Cerullo from Atco, NJ
Amelia Cesanek from Cherry Hill, NJ
Curtis Chaka from Berlin, NJ
Wilma Chambers from Bellmawr, NJ
Mildred Chan from Berlin, NJ
Elizabeth Chance from Berlin, NJ
Marylee Chappell from Blackwood, NJ
William Charles from Berlin, NJ
Leonard Check Sr. from W. Berlin, NJ
Katherine Cheesman from Sicklerville, NJ
Ulisses Chiliberti from Lindenwold, NJ
Michael "Mitch" Chiumento, Sr. from Atco, NJ
Ida Christie from West Berlin, NJ
Madge Christy from Indialantic, FL
Gloria Cimino from Berlin, NJ
Giovanni Ciranni from Atco, NJ
Elizabeth Clark from Pine Hill, NJ
Vera Clark from Voorhees, NJ
Vinetta Clark from West Berlin, NJ
Joanne Clements from Burlington, NJ
Dorothy Clothier from Cape Coral, FL
Richard Clothier from Williamstown, NJ
Mary Lou Clouser from Atco, NJ
William Coker from Willingboro, NJ
Gladys Cole from Erial, NJ
Gary Cole from Berlin, NJ
Sandra Collins from Maple Shade, NJ
Stewart Collins from Sicklerville, NJ
Martin Concannon from Erial, NJ
Edward Conley from W. Berlin, NJ
Elma Conley from Clementon, NJ
Elizabeth Conner from Pine Hill, NJ
Regina Connor from Erial, NJ
Michael Constantino from Clementon, NJ
Anthony Constantino from W. Berlin, NJ
Anthony Constantino from Atco, NJ
Margaret Constantino from Buena, NJ
Irene Conti from Blackwood, NJ
Sherry Cook from Runnemede, NJ
Theodore Cook from Lindenwold, NJ
Jane Corgliano from Clementon, NJ
Arnold Costantini from Gibbsboro, NJ
Helen Costantini from Blackwood, NJ
Harold Cottman from Atco, NJ
David Coulter from Atco, NJ
Clifford Cowchok from Stratford, NJ
Dennis Cowdin from Berlin, NJ
Anna Cowgill-Loveland from Bellmawr, NJ
Lois Cozzi from Cedar Brook, NJ
Angelo Crago from Sicklerville, NJ
Gladys Craig from Berlin, NJ
Susan Craig from Berlin, NJ
Edward Craig from Berlin, NJ
Mary Crawford from Haddonfield, NJ
Vincent Creamer from Sicklerville, NJ
Harriett Creelman from Mantua, NJ
Frank Crivaro from Berlin, NJ
Carolyn Crivaro from Berlin, NJ
Frank Cudeyro from Voorhees, NJ
John Cunningham from Williamstown, NJ
Marie Curren from Berlin, NJ
Barbara Cusato from Sicklerville, NJ
Rita Cusato from West Berlin, NJ
Joseph Cusato Sr. from Sicklerville, NJ
Delores Cuthill from West Berlin, NJ
Jill Cuthill from Sicklerville, NJ
Sandra Cypher from Lindenwold, NJ
Kathleen D'Antonio from Atco, NJ
Phillip D'Antonio from Atco, NJ
Americo Dabbenigno from Stratford, NJ
Marianne Dahms from Cherry Hill, NJ
Craig Dains from Sicklerville, NJ
Eugene Dalessio from Medford Lakes, NJ
Kyle Dammer from Voorhees, NJ
Effie Dawson from Deptford, NJ
John Dawson USN, Ret. from Mays Landing, NJ
Kathryn DeBergh from Gibbsboro, NJ
Anthony DeCicco from Mt. Laurel, NJ
Joann DeFelice from Hammonton, NJ
Edward DeFilippis from W. Berlin, NJ
Aida DeFilippis from Berlin, NJ
Angelo DeFillipo from Berlin Boro, NJ
Howard Deitz from Berlin, NJ
Agnes Deitz from Berlin, NJ
Joseph Del Monte from Atco, NJ
Concetta Del Monte from Atco, NJ
Dominador Del Rosario from Atco, NJ
Frank Del Rossi from Atco, NJ
Howard DeLaney from Clementon, NJ
Modesto Deleon from Chesilhurst, NJ
Jimenez DeLeon from Laurel Springs, NJ
Angelus DeMarco from Elm, NJ
Zelma DeMarco from Waterford, NJ
Dawn DeMarco from Hammonton, NJ
Louis DeMarco from Hammonton, NJ
Carl Dempsey from Medford, NJ
Robert Dengler from West Berlin, NJ
Justin Dennis from Bellmawr, NJ
Nelson Denny from Runnemede, NJ
Barbara Ann DePalma from Elm, NJ
Mary DePalma from Langhorne, PA
Alto DePaolo from Voorhees, NJ
Olga Derowski from Berlin, NJ
Caroline DeSantis from Audubon, NJ
Marie DeSimone from Turnersville, NJ
Vincent DeStefano from W. Berlin, NJ
Albert "Jim" Dettrey from Southampton, NJ
Daniel Dever from Laurel Springs, NJ
Rhonda DeVivo from Pine Hill, NJ
Mary Di Domenico from Clementon, NJ
Joseph Di Gerolamo from Cedar Brook, NJ
Jean Di Giorgio from Sewell, NJ
Clara Di Modica from Hammonton, NJ
Frank Di Teodoro from Laurel Springs, NJ
Marietta DiAmore from Westmont, NJ
Andrew Diano from West Berlin, NJ
Jean DiBattiste from Deptford, NJ
Lucy DiBenedetto from West Berlin, NJ
Margaret DiCerbo from Southampton, NJ
Rocco DiCicco from Audubon, NJ
Shirley Dick from Berlin, NJ
Ida DiGirlomo from Voorhees, NJ
Joseph DiLlard from W. Berlin, NJ
Catherine DiMatties from Clementon, NJ
Rinaldo DiMedio from West Berlin, NJ
Anthony DiPietro from Clementon, NJ
Harry Dixon from Berlin, NJ
Leah Dixon from Pennsauken, NJ
Albert Dobbins from Camden, NJ
Edward Dockery from Lindenwold, NJ
Francy Doelling from Cedarbrook, NJ
Margaret Donahue from Berlin, NJ
Harry Donato from Clementon, NJ
June Donato from Clementon, NJ
Elizabeth Donnelly from Glendora, NJ
James Donohue from Lindenwold, NJ
Charles Donovan from Berlin, NJ
Mary Doughten from Lindenwold, NJ
Dorothy Dove from Berlin, NJ
Edward Dove from Berlin, NJ
Margaret Dove from W. Berlin, NJ
George Dowd from Berlin, NJ
J. Downey from Gibbsboro, NJ
Joyce Doyle from Hi Nella, NJ
Eleanor Doyle from Berlin, NJ
Shaun Doyle from Berlin, NJ
Myles Doyle Sr. from Berlin, NJ
Mary Doyle-Mitchell from Brooklawn, NJ
Janet Drialo from Atco, NJ
Chris Drialo from Marlton, NJ
Marguerite Droney from Lindenwold, NJ
Michael Duffy from W. Berlin, NJ
Charles Dugan from W. Berlin, NJ
William Dulin from Shamong, NJ
William Duncan Jr. from Monroeville, NJ
Allyson Durham from Stafford, VA
Patricia Durham-Harrison from Pine Hill, NJ
John D´Allesandro Jr. from Voorhees, NJ
Arline Eberly from Atco, NJ
Francis Egan Sr. from Stratford, NJ
Anna Eiding from Sicklerville, NJ
Francis Eiding from Pine Hill, NJ
Albert Einselen from Atco, NJ
Jean Eisenhauer from Ocean City, NJ
Mabel Eisinger from Glendora, NJ
Edward Eisinger from Gloucester, NJ
Edward Eisinger Jr. from Clementon, NJ
Marie Eldredge from Waterford, NJ
Roseanna Ellis from West Atco, NJ
Michael Eppolite from Berlin, NJ
Eric Erickson from Gibbsboro, NJ
Daniel W. Esmond from Berlin, NJ
Antonio Estrada from Lindenwold, NJ
Alexander Etter from Mt Laurel, NJ
Wiliam Evans from Chicago, IL
Sally Evans from Berlin, NJ
Virginia Evans from Cherry Hill, NJ
Richard Evans from Voorhees, NJ
Ethel Evaul from Haddon Heights, NJ
Clara Ewald from W. Berlin, NJ
James Faiola from Lindenwold, NJ
Joan Falcone from Sicklerville, NJ
Harold Fallstick from Berlin, NJ
Cecelia Fallstick from Lindenwold, NJ
John Falnes from Cherry Hill, NJ
Cecilia Falnes from Cherry Hill, NJ
Philip Falzarano from Waterford Works, NJ
Louise Falzarano from Waterford, NJ
Louis Faragasso from Berlin, NJ
Carmen Farinelli from Hammonton, NJ
Anna Farinelli from Hammonton, NJ
Joanna Farmer from Berlin, NJ
Dorothy Fay from Blenheim, NJ
Mary Fazio from Villas, NJ
Ippolita Fe from Berlin, NJ
Anna Ferguson from Berlin, NJ
John Ferguson from Berlin, NJ
Ronald Fernald from Erial, NJ
Michael Ferris, Sr. from Voorhees, NJ
Leonard Ferrrara from West Deptford, NJ
May Fickenscher from Berlin, NJ
Harry Fischer from Williamstown, NJ
Gordon Fisher from Berlin, NJ
Robert Fleig from Berlin, NJ
Richard Fleming from Somerdale, NJ
Iara Flesch from Lindenwold, NJ
Edward Fletcher from W. Berlin, NJ
Gretchen Fogleboch-Toran from Marlton, NJ
Donald Ford from Stratford, NJ
Katherine Forsythe from Sicklerville, NJ
Garry Forsythe from Lindenwold, NJ
Kathleen Foster from Berlin, NJ
Elpidio Frago from Sicklerville, NJ
Eileen Francks from Berlin, NJ
William Frankiewicz from Lindenwold, NJ
Charles Fricker from Waterford, NJ
Doris Friess from Clementon, NJ
Harry Fritz from W. Berlin, NJ
Susan Fruggiero from Blackwood, NJ
Raymond Fuhrer from Atco, NJ
Alice Fuhrer from Atco, NJ
Helen Fulford from Voorhees, NJ
Sheryl Gabrielle from Sicklerville, NJ
Sandy Galacio from Shamong, NJ
Michael Galeski from Berlin, NJ
Anthony Galiazzi from Brooklawn, NJ
Erin Gallagher from Mt. Laurel, NJ
Todd Gallaher from Pilesgrove, NJ
Joseph Gallo from Atco, NJ
Jeanette Gallo from Atco, NJ
Gloria Gangluff from Berlin, NJ
Myrtle Gangluff from Berlin, NJ
Theresa Gardner from W. Berlin, NJ
James Gardner, Sr. from Berlin, NJ
Ellen Garrity from West Berlin, NJ
Albert Garrity from Pine Hill, NJ
Hilda Gaspar from Atco, NJ
Nabih Gatas from Sicklerville, NJ
Dorothy Gaudioso from Berlin, NJ
Frances Gawarzewski from Marlton, NJ
Charles Gehris from Stratford, NJ
Janet Geiger from West Berlin, NJ
Joan Geiser from Berlin, NJ
Russell Geiser from Berlin, NJ
Ruth Gelow from Pine Hill, NJ
Robert Gelow from Pine Hill, NJ
Charles Genarie from Clementon, NJ
Emily Gentile from Sewell, NJ
Gertrude Gentile from Gibbsboro, NJ
Attilio Gentile from Gibbsboro, NJ
Mario Germano from Berlin, NJ
Mary Germonatta from Berlin, NJ
Bonnie Getsinger from Ocean City, NJ
Laura Gettman from Goochland, VA
Stanley Giberson Jr. from Berlin, NJ
Robert Giffin from Cherry Hill, NJ
William Gindrow from Philadelphia, PA
Anthony Giudici from Somerdale, NJ
George Givans from West Berlin, NJ
Edwin Glenn from Cherry Hill, NJ
Catherine Gonzalez from Voorhees, NJ
Evellyn Gonzalez from Lindenwold, NJ
Manuel Gonzalez from Somerdale, NJ
Paulene Gonzalez from Somerdale, NJ
Frances Good from Chesilhurst, NJ
Mark Goodsby from Sicklerville, NJ
Prince Graves from Clementon, NJ
William Gray from Berlin, NJ
Betty Greco from Shamong, NJ
Diane Monk Green from Woolwich, NJ
Mary Greene from Berlin, NJ
W. Scott Greer from Voorhees, NJ
John Gregory from Berlin, NJ
Caroline Grimmie from West Berlin, NJ
Annie Grimmie from Lindenwold, NJ
Jaclyn Grimmie from Blue Anchor, NJ
Richard Grisan from Berlin, NJ
Alma Gross from Runnemede, NJ
Clarence Gross from Runnemede, NJ
Rose Gulli from Clayton, NJ
Kenneth Gundle, III from Berlin, NJ
Kathleen Gunn from Sicklerville, NJ
Bessie Guy from Atco, NJ
Matthew Guzzi from Maple Shade, NJ
Jane Hafner from Cherry Hill, NJ
Mary Hahn from Berlin, NJ
William Haines from Atco, NJ
Jack Haines from Berlin, NJ
Elizabeth Hall from Runnemede, NJ
Margaret Hall from Berlin, NJ
Josephine Hall from Berlin, NJ
Harry Hallowell from W. Berlin, NJ
Susanne Halsey from Clementon, NJ
Laura Hamby from Sicklerville, NJ
Edna Hand from West Berlin, NJ
Sophie Hand from Vineland, NJ
Amy Hannan from Pine Hill, NJ
Theresa Hannigan from Berlin, NJ
Teresa Hannigan from Voorhees, NJ
Matthew Hannigan from Clementon, NJ
Douglas Hansen from Berlin, NJ
Walter Harding from Waterford, NJ
Marc Harris from Winslow, NJ
James Harwood from Sicklerville, NJ
Matthew Hasselhan from Atco, NJ
Frederick Havlick from Pine Hill, NJ
Lawrence Hawk from West Berlin, NJ
James Hawkins from Pennsauken, NJ
Mary Hayden from Berlin, NJ
Mary Headley from Atco, NJ
Leonora Hefcheck from Voorhees, NJ
Eugene Helner from Berlin, NJ
William Henderson from Sicklerville, NJ
Joseph Henderson from Berlin, NJ
Kevin Henry from Clementon, NJ
Dawn Henry from Berlin, NJ
Brian Henszey from Grand Junction, CO
Ruth Herd from Marlton, NJ
Robert Herman from Pine Hill, NJ
Brian Herman from W. Berlin, NJ
Bryan Hessert from Somerdale, NJ
William Hickman Jr. from Citrus Springs, FL
William Hiddemen from Erial, NJ
Dorothy Hilbert from Lindenwold, NJ
Daniel Hines from Hammonton, NJ
Mary Hines from Hammonton, NJ
Michael Hines from Medford, NJ
Deborah Hinton from Waterford, NJ
Thomas Hohing from Lindenwold, NJ
Anne Hohing from Lindenwold, NJ
William Holdren from W. Berlin, NJ
Frederick Hooey from Pine Hill, NJ
Rosemarie Hopely from Waterford, NJ
David Hopkins from West Berlin, NJ
Joann Hopkins from W. Berlin, NJ
John Hornberger from Alexandria, MO
May Howard from Atco, NJ
Gregg Corky Howe from Cinnaminson, NJ
John Howell from Atco, NJ
Anne Huber from Barrington, NJ
Thelma Hubert from Elm, NJ
Mildred Hudson from Pine Hill, NJ
Olga Hughes from Brigantine, NJ
Margaret Hunter from Blackwood, NJ
LeRoy Huster from W. Berlin, NJ
Robert Hutchinson from Berlin, NJ
Mary Hutchinson from Berlin, NJ
Kenneth Iannotti from Hammonton, NJ
Virginia Iannotti from Hammonton, NJ
Mary Iannotti from High Point, NC
Angelina Iannotti from Berlin, NJ
Jose Iglesia from Lindenwold, NJ
Louis Iovanisci from Berlin, NJ
John Irwin from Berlin, NJ
Diotima Isanski from Berlin, NJ
Joyce Iuliano from Berlin, NJ
Joyce Iuliano from Berlin, NJ
Ruth Jackalus from Lindenwold, NJ
Willie Jackson from Clayton, NJ
Bernice Jackson from Pine Hill, NJ
Lindagail Jackson from Franklinville, NJ
Phillip Jackson Jr. from Mt. Laurel, NJ
Margaret Jacques from Suffern, NY
Francis Janik from Wildwood, NJ
Elsie Janka from Chesilhurst, NJ
Norman Janka from Berlin, NJ
Chief Henry "Hank" Jefferson from Clementon, NJ
Paul Jeffries from W. Berlin, NJ
Susan Jenkins from Sicklerville, NJ
Gertrude Jobes from W. Berlin, NJ
Gail Johnson from Voorhees, NJ
Nicholas Johnson from Clementon, NJ
Helen Johnson from South River, NJ formerly of Berlin
Ethel Johnson from Mt. Laurel, NJ
John Johnson from Cedar Brook, NJ
Harry Johnson from Berlin, NJ
Dorothy Johnson from Sicklerville, NJ
Donald Jones from Berlin, NJ
Eleanor Jones from Berlin, NJ
Elizabeth Jones from Clayton, NJ
Josephine Jones from Cherry Hill, NJ
Clifford Jones from Berlin, NJ
Angeline Jordan from Clarksville, MD
Joseph Jordan from Berlin, NJ
Joseph Jr. from Berlin, NJ
Marilyn Kamna from Middletown, NJ
Marion Kane from Haddonfield, NJ
Kenneth Kane from Atco, NJ
Joseph Kappes from Berlin, NJ
Joseph Karpovich from Sicklerville, NJ
John Kasinski Sr. from Berlin, NJ
William Kaufman from Blue Anchor, NJ
Kimberly Kayati from South Dennis, NJ
Joseph Kayati from Atco, NJ
Virginia Kayati from Atco, NJ
Andrew Kayati from Atco, NJ
Paul Kayati from Atco, NJ
George Kayati, Sr. from Atco, NJ
Margaret Kehoe from Atco, NJ
Geraldine Kelling from Berlin, NJ
Frances Kelly from Sicklerville, NJ
Thelma Kelly from Lindenwold, NJ
James Kelly from Blackwood, NJ
Joan Kelly from Blackwood, NJ
Lisa Kelly from Lindenwold, NJ
Cornelius Kelly from Stratford, NJ
James Kelly Jr. from Erial, NJ
Steven Kennedy from Runnemede, NJ
Jeanne Kenney from Berlin, NJ
Mildred Kernan from Berlin, NJ
William Kester from Atco, NJ
Valerie Keys from West Berlin, NJ
Joyce Kiefreider from Berlin, NJ
Gloria Kieny from Berlin, NJ
Albert Kieny from Berlin, NJ
Patrick Kiernan from Clementon, NJ
James Kilgallon from Laurel Springs, NJ
Evelyn King from Manchester, NJ
Elizabeth Kirkwood from Egg Harbor City, NJ
Joseph Klein Sr. from Voorhees, NJ
Agnes Klekotka from Galloway Twp., NJ
Walter Klekotka from Galloway Twp., NJ
Dawn Kmetz from Berlin, NJ
Anna Knoll from Pine Hill, NJ
Harry Knoll from Pine Hill, NJ
Margaret Knoll from Clementon, NJ
Thomas Knott from Berlin, NJ
Joseph Knowles from Blackwood, NJ
Calvin Knuckles from Lumberton, NJ
Allison Kolody from Sicklerville, NJ
James Konopka from Manahawkin, NJ
Charlene Konopka from Southampton, NJ
William Konopka from Voorhees, NJ
William Koppleberger from Williamstown, NJ
Paul Kopson from Atco, NJ
Cynthia Kowalska from Berlin, NJ
Edward Kownacki from Atco, NJ
Edward Kownacki from Atco, NJ
E. Kraft from Lindenwold, NJ
Adele Krause (Krazalkovics) from Deptford, NJ
Jane Kruger from Lindenwold, NJ
Linda Krupa from Cherry Hill, NJ
Dennis Kupchik from Berlin, NJ
Elizabeth LaFortune from Denver, CO
John Lake from W. Berlin, NJ
Roland "Skip" Lake from Berlin, NJ
Frank LaLena from Berlin, NJ
Joanna Lalli from Atco, NJ
Carmen Lambiase from Berlin, NJ
Charles Landau from Hammonton, NJ
Linda Lanza from Waterbury, CT
Anna LeConey from Berlin, NJ
George LeConey from Marlton, NJ
Richard Lemanowicz from West Berlin, NJ
Brian Leung from Berlin, NJ
Erick Levin from Gibbsboro, NJ
Rudolph Levoch from Berlin, NJ
Winifred Levoch from Berlin, NJ
Frances Lewellen from Berlin, NJ
Walter Lewellen from Berlin, NJ
John Liberkowski from Clementon, NJ
Ruth Ligameri from Hammonton, NJ
Irene Lindenmuth from Pine Hill, NJ
Margaret Lipani from Pine Hill, NJ
Emma Liss from Voorhees, NJ
Celeste Lista from Cherry Hill, NJ
Marva Lloyd from Berlin, NJ
Robert Lockhart from Lindenwold, NJ
Arthur Loder from Magnolia, NJ
Michael Loerch from Audubon, NJ
Jeffrey Loftus from Sicklerville, NJ
Martha Loges from Collingswood, NJ
Michael Long from Atlantic City, NJ
Barbara Long from Oaklyn, NJ
Frances Loscalzo from Waterford, NJ
Janet Lounsberry from Williamstown, NJ
Giaconda Lovolo from Voorhees, NJ
Elaine Lucas from Berlin, NJ
Lula Luniewski from Runnemede, NJ
Steven Lush from Pine Hill, NJ
Elizabeth Lynch from Pine Hill, NJ
Kenneth MacFerren from Runnemede, NJ
Donna MacFerren from Moorestown, NJ
Clara Madden from Clementon, NJ
Francis Maguire from Berlin, NJ
John Mahaffy from W. Berlin, NJ
Philip Mammano from Atco, NJ
Genevieve Mammano from Atco, NJ
Naomi Mammarella from Berlin, NJ
Lorraine Mangaro from Pine Hill, NJ
William Manion from Berlin, NJ
Constance Marandolo from Atco, NJ
Anna Marchlik from Collingswood, NJ
Dolores Marella from Cape Coral, FL
Raymond Marella from Berlin, NJ
Eugene Marella, Sr from Berlin, NJ
Madeline Marinko from Sicklerville, NJ
Joseph Marino from Hammonton, NJ
Julianne Marks from Sewell, NJ
Clara Marra from Pine Hill, NJ
Charles Martin from Clementon, NJ
Robert Martin from Evesham Twp., NJ
Alesandro Mascioli from Clementon, NJ
Ian Masino from Berlin, NJ
Dolores Masturzo from Davenport, FL
Joseph Matarazzo from West Berlin, NJ
Mildred Mather from Cherry Hill, NJ
Susan Mathews from West Berlin, NJ
Frederick Maurer from Voorhees, NJ
Donald Maxfield from Voorhees, NJ
Phillip Maycott from Cape Coral, FL
Anthony Mazza from Berlin, NJ
Rita Mazzola from Shamong, NJ
Gertrude McAlpin from Berlin, NJ
Marilyn McClendon from Mt. Laurel, NJ
Diana McCool from Hammonton, NJ
Margaret McCracken from Hammonton, NJ
Jane McCutcheon from Berlin, NJ
Kevin McDevitt from Berlin, NJ
Thomas McDonald from Berlin, NJ
Thomas McDonald from Berlin, NJ
David McDonnell from Chesilhurst, NJ
Sean McDonough from Clayton, NJ
Lillian McGay from W. Berlin, NJ
Doris McGee from W. Berlin, NJ
Jack McGee from Gibbsboro, NJ
James McGeoch from Gibbsboro, NJ
Robert McGhee from Voorhees, NJ
Mavis McGlashan from Pine Hill, NJ
Patrick McGlashan from Dallas, TX
Charles McGlynn from Williamstown, NJ
Thomas McGlynn from Lindenwold, NJ
Donna McGowan from Lindenwold, NJ
Dolores McKeown-Ewan from Atco, NJ
Shirley McLauglin from Berlin, NJ
William McLernon from Berlin, NJ
Roseann McMonagle from Stratford, NJ
Alexander Meloni from Voorhees, NJ
Donna Merkel from Berlin, NJ
John Meyer from Sicklerville, NJ
Margaret Michael from Woodbury, NJ
Theresa Michelfelder from Berlin, NJ
Theresa Midure from Berlin, NJ
Joseph Midure Jr. from Sicklerville, NJ
Margaret Miller from Berlin, NJ
David Miller from Voorhees, NJ
Alice Miller from Berlin, NJ
Elizabeth Millman from Marlton, NJ
Leonard Millman from Cherry Hill, NJ
Ronald Mills from Mickleton, NJ
Ronald Mills Sr. from Voorhees, NJ
Shannon Minerva from Chesilhurst, NJ
Charles Minner from Ocean Springs, MS
Kevin Miranda from Winslow, NJ
Bertha Moffa from Egg Harbor, NJ
Roberta Moffitt from Atco, NJ
Eleanore Moke from Berlin, NJ
Rita Monacello from W. Berlin, NJ
Anna Monk from Lindenwold, NJ
Noah Moore from Atco, NJ
Pamela Morgan from Pine Hill, NJ
Joseph Morris from West Berlin, NJ
Joseph Morris from W. Berlin, NJ
Loretta Morrison from Berlin Boro, NJ
Irving Motluck from Berlin, NJ
George Mousley from Voorhees, NJ
Mariann Mueller from Berlin, NJ
Joanne Muller from Berlin, NJ
Anna Mulligan-Ermilio from Pine Hill, NJ
Margaretta Murphy from Stratford, NJ
Grace Murphy from Gibbsboro, NJ
Dianna Myers from Clementon, NJ
David Nabreski from Berlin, NJ
Robert Naphy from Berlin, NJ
Thomas Narducci from Glassboro, NJ
Joseph Narducci from Sewell, NJ
David Nees from Somerdale, NJ
Edna Neff from Atco, NJ
Margot Neff from Berlin, NJ
Marie Nelson from Berlin, NJ
Mary Nelson from Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Edward Nemeth from Berlin, NJ
Dante Nepi from Atco, NJ
Virginia Nevius from Gloucester, NJ
Eric Newman from Blackwood, NJ
Albert Nicholas from Magnolia, NJ
Mary Nicoletto from Marlton (formerly of Berlin), NJ
Laura Nicoletto from Berlin, NJ
Joseph Nigro from Atco, NJ
Sidney Nimmo from West Berlin, NJ
Gary Nissenzone from Williamstown, NJ
Margaret Nixon from Berlin, NJ
Anthony Nocella from Berlin, NJ
Arthur Norton from Marlton, NJ
Millie Nowacki from Atco, NJ
Barbara Nowak from Berlin, NJ
Patrick O Brien from Waterford, NJ
Katherine O'Carey-Engel from Berlin, NJ
Patricia O'Connell from Berlin, NJ
Terry O'Drain from Marlton, NJ
Thomas Ober from Pilesgrove, NJ
Sylvia Odorisio-Pedlico from Berlin, NJ
Frank Olivo from Berlin, NJ
Mary Orlandi from Berlin, NJ
Dianna Orr from Pine Hill, NJ
Richard Ottenthal from Berlin, NJ
Joan Owens from Albion, NJ
Salvatore Palella from Pitman, NJ
Carmella Palumbo from Somerdale, NJ
Priscillano Parilla from Berlin, NJ
Alberta Paris from Berlin, NJ
Franklin Parker Jr. from Berlin, NJ
Esther Patricelli from Blackwood, NJ
Warren Patterson from Berlin, NJ
Ashley Paul from Voorhees, NJ
John Paulson from Magnolia, NJ
Charles Paylor from Erial, NJ
Mary Pearson from Berlin, NJ
Rose Penderghest from Berlin, NJ
Carolyn Pennock from Marlton, NJ
William Pennock from Marlton, NJ
Peter Pernice from Berlin, NJ
Joseph Perrotta from Berlin, NJ
Anna Perrotta from Berlin, NJ
Thomas Peters from Gibbsboro, NJ
James Petracci from Atco, NJ
Anna Petrongolo from Berlin, NJ
Rebecca Petti from Marlton, NJ
Rita Petti from Voorhees, NJ
Mary Petzsch from Sicklerville, NJ
Edmund Pfueller Jr. from Hi Nella, NJ
Jacob Phillips from West Berlin, NJ
Wallace Pickering from Clarksboro, NJ
Justina Pickering from Deptford, NJ
Wallace Pickering from Barrington, NJ
Anna Pino from Lindenwold, NJ
Fiore Piscitelli from Tarpon Springs, FL
Agnes Piscitelli from Tarpon Springs, FL
Stephen Pollock from Somerdale, NJ
Frank Poper from Voorhees, NJ
Robert Poremba from Laurel Springs, NJ
Linda Porter from Clementon, NJ
Michael Potts from Clementon, NJ
Emma Powell from West Berlin, NJ
Paul Powers from Evesham Twp., NJ
Barbara Preston from Pitman, NJ
Mary Primo from Erial, NJ
Dolores Primo from Clementon, NJ
Jewell Pritchett from Sicklerville, NJ
Dorothy Prorok from Deptford, NJ
Nelson Pullaro Sr. from Berlin, NJ
Joseph Pullo from Atco, NJ
Karen Raines from Levittown, PA
Jack Ramsden from West Berlin, NJ
Mary Ranger from Stratford, NJ
Robert Ranjo from Hi Nella, NJ
James Read from Voorhees, NJ
Jack Reader from Sewell, NJ
Agnes Reading from Hammonton, NJ
Eric Reading from Berlin, NJ
Ronald Reagan from Los Angeles, California
Flora Recchino from Haddonfield, NJ
Sabatino "Sal" Recchinti from Berlin, NJ
Ira Redhorn from Pine Hill, NJ
Devina Reed from Berlin, NJ
Helen Regan from Berlin, NJ
Peter Renzi from Berlin, NJ
Anna Renzi from Sicklerville, NJ
Eileen Repsher from Sicklerville, NJ
Kathryn Resnick from Berlin, NJ
James Reynolds from Berlin, NJ
Wendell Rhoads from Voorhees, NJ
Angelina Rhodes from Runnemede, NJ
Chloe Rice from Maple Shade, NJ
Robert Rice from Ottawa, IL
June Rice from Somerdale, NJ
Matthew Richards from W. Berlin, NJ
Joyce Riebel from Berlin, NJ
Kelly Rigg from Berlin, NJ
John Rigolizzo from Berlin, NJ
Angelo Rinaldi from Philadelphia, PA
James Rippman from Peachtree City, GA
James Rippman Jr. from Turnersville, NJ
Adeline Rita from Ocean City, NJ
Carole Ritz from Sewell, NJ
Lorraine Roach from Lindenwold, NJ
Edith Roberson from Autryville, NC
Leanore Robertson from Berlin, NJ
Lester Robinson from W. Berlin, NJ
Dorothy Robinson from Berlin, NJ
Joseph Robinson from Sicklerville, NJ
John "Tom" Robinson from Paulding, OH
Mary Robinson from Williamstown, NJ
Paul Robinson, Jr. from Pitman, NJ
Kathryn Robison from Stratford, NJ
Dean Rocco Branco from Berlin, NJ
Hilda Rodriguez from Camden, NJ
Reinaldo Rodriguez-Bonano from W. Berlin, NJ
Anna Rogers from Lindenwold, NJ
Sarah Rogers from Cherry Hill, NJ
Edna Roll from Berlin, NJ
Thomas Romano from Vineland, NJ
Mary Romolini from Blackwood, NJ
John Roper from W. Berlin, NJ
Rose Roper from W. Berlin, NJ
Elvera Rosato from Glendora, NJ
Howard Rosevelt from Williamstown, NJ
Joseph Rossi from Sicklerville, NJ
Peter Rossini from Sicklerville, NJ
Lenora Rossini from Sicklerville, NJ
Mary Roun from Lakeland, FL
Olga Rovatsos from Southampton, NJ
Harry Rowan from Atco, NJ
Francis Rowand from Clementon, NJ
Mary Roy from Mays Landing, NJ
Robert Rudolph from Sewell, NJ
Nicholas Ruggiano from Waterford, NJ
Charles Ruggiero from Atco, NJ
Raymond Ruiz Jr. from W. Berlin, NJ
Shaqire Ruka from Sicklerville, NJ
Wilbert Russell from Somerdale, NJ
Roland Russell from Pine Hill, NJ
Marcella Ryker from The Villages, FL
Earl Ryker from The Villages, FL
Thomas Sacco from W. Berlin, NJ
Jacqueline Salerno from Pawleys Island, SC
James Sanders from Clayton, NJ
Giovanni Sanitate from W. Berlin, NJ
Veronica Santone from Atco, NJ
Dorothy Sauerwald from Atco, NJ
Lucette Sauro from Sebring, FL
Richard Schaber from Woodland, NJ
Michael Schaffer from Blackwood, NJ
Joseph Schaffer from Berlin, NJ
Leonard Schallus from Glendora, NJ
Helen Schallus from Glendora, NJ
Richard Scharlach from Berlin, NJ
Assunta Schepis from Berlin, NJ
Susan Schiavo from West Berlin, NJ
John Schiendelman from Stratford, NJ
Shirley Schiendelman from Cherry Hill, NJ
Edward Schiffendecker from Berlin, NJ
Frederick Schmick from Lindenwold, NJ
Edythe Schmidt from West Berlin, NJ
Roy Schmidt from Berlin Boro, NJ
Edythe Schmidt from Berlin, NJ
Joan Schmitt from Berlin, NJ
William "Chico" Schuyler from Stratford, NJ
Evelyn Schwegel from Pine Hill, NJ
Harold Scull from Sicklerville, NJ
Victoria Scully from Marlton, NJ
Goldie Sealy from Atco, NJ
Philomena Sebastiano from Voorhees, NJ
Maxine Self from W. Berlin, NJ
Arthur Self from W. Berlin, NJ
Emilie Senatore from W. Berlin, NJ
Robert Seng from Atco, NJ
Ethel Seppy from Atco, NJ
Louis Seppy from Atco, NJ
Gloria Sewell from Voorhees, NJ
Curry Shaffer from Winslow Twp., NJ
Joseph Shelton from Citra, FL
Dolores Sheridan from Haddon Heights, NJ
Charles Sherrill from Sicklerville, NJ
Edmond Shields from Berlin Boro, NJ
James Short from Stratford, NJ
Lydia Short from Stratford, NJ
Joan Shotwell from Glendora, NJ
Ira Shotwell from Glendora, NJ
Daniel Shute from Berlin Boro, NJ
Mary Shute from Berlin, NJ
Louis Siderio from W. Berlin, NJ
Thelma Sigouin from Sewell, NJ
George Simkins from Berlin, NJ
Janice Simon from Albion, NJ
Charles Simon from W. Berlin, NJ
Pauline Simon from Audubon, NJ
Annie Simone from Atco, NJ
Robert Simpson from Berlin, NJ
Irene Sinelnik from Berlin, NJ
Gregory Sinelnik from Berlin, NJ
Albert Siner from Sicklerville, NJ
Dana Sipple from W. Berlin, NJ
Gordon Sipple from Atco, NJ
Mandy Skinner from Voorhees, NJ
Sophia Skowron from Blackwood, NJ
Nicholas Smarra from W. Berlin, NJ
Richard Smith from Daniel Island, SC
Frances Smith from Berlin, NJ
Margaret Smith from Voorhees, NJ
Dorothy Smith from Charleston, SC
Michael Smith from Berlin, NJ
Mark Smith from Cherry Hill, NJ
Helen Smith from Voorhees, NJ
Carolyn Smith from Sicklerville, NJ
Grace Smith from Georegetown, TN
Eleanor Smith from Fargo, ND
Gay Smith from Galloway Twp., NJ
Kenneth Smith from Waterford, NJ
Clare Smith from Glassboro, NJ
Jill Snell from Delran, NJ
Rita Snuffin from Pine Hill, NJ
Francis "Frankie" Snyder from Berlin, NJ
Angela Sobocinski from Atco, NJ
Nancy Soboleski from Atco, NJ
Audrey Sokolovic from Washington Twp., NJ
William Sparks from Tabernacle, NJ
William Spaulding from Lindenwold, NJ
Jeanne Speno from Gibbsboro, NJ
Florence Sperry from West Berlin, NJ
Barbara Sprinkle from Voorhees, NJ
Carmen Sr. from Sicklerville, NJ
Joseph Sr. from Berlin, NJ
Virginia Stack from Atco, NJ
Betty Stagliano from Clayton, NJ
Louise Stagliano from Berlin, NJ
Timothy Stahl Sr. from Berlin Boro, NJ
Robert Stamper from Berlin, NJ
Stewart Starner from Collingswood, NJ
Sally Starr from Atco, NJ
Susan Startzel from Hammonton, NJ
Marian Steele from Berlin, NJ
Robert Steele from Clementon, NJ
Jules Stens from Morehead City, NC
William Stephenson from Williamstown, NJ
William Stepler from Berlin, NJ
Charles Stevens from Berlin, NJ
Victoria Stewart from Pennsauken, NJ
Almira Stewart from Gibbsboro, NJ
Audrey Stewart from Lindenwold, NJ
Stephanie Stewart- Evans from Chattanooga, TN
Rosemarie Stiles from Berlin, NJ
Catherine Stojanov from Atco, NJ
Frank Stone from Clementon, NJ
Dorothy Stone from Voorhees, NJ
William Storm from Collingswood, NJ
James Storti from Atco, NJ
Frank Stypulkoski from Hammonton, NJ
Oscar Suarez from W. Berlin, NJ
Elizabeth Such from Berlin, NJ
David Sura from Berlin, NJ
John Sura from Cherry Hill, NJ
Nancy Sutton from Lindenwold, NJ
Francesca Sweeney from Sicklerville, NJ
Charles Sykes from Atco, NJ
Geraldine Taccard from Stratford, NJ
Samuel Talbot from Lauderdale By The Sea, FL
Jennie Tamaccio from Marlton, NJ
Mabel Tartaglione from Voorhees, NJ
Raymond Taylor from Merchantville, NJ
Caroline Taylor from Sicklerville, NJ
Harry Taylor from Lindenwold, NJ
Louis Taylor from Somerdale, NJ
Stanley Taylor from Atco, NJ
Sarah Teall from Voorhees, NJ
Sherri Teer from Mt. Ephraim, NJ
Robert Tellefsen from Voorhees, NJ
M. Tentarelli from West Berlin, NJ
Sharon Termini from Waterford, NJ
Marybeth Terregino from Glassboro, NJ
Mildred Thomas from Villas, NJ
James Thompson from Pitman, NJ
James Thornell from Clementon, NJ
Theodore Tiedeken from Voorhees, NJ
Geraldine Tobin from Berlin, NJ
Emanuel "Manny" Tocco from Williamstown, NJ
JoAnn Tolbert from West Berlin, NJ
Nicholas Tolomeo from Somerdale, NJ
Mary Tomasetti from Sicklerville, NJ
Kathryn Toney from Cherry Hill, NJ
Robert Toogood Sr. from Lindenwold, NJ
Samuel Torres from Pine Hill, NJ
Alice Toudy from Berlin, NJ
Harriet Townsend from W. Berlin, NJ
Amelia Toy from Clementon, NJ
Ephraim Toy from Berlin, NJ
Benjamin Toy from Berlin, NJ
Dorothy Trembley from Lindenwold, NJ
Rose Tulini from Cape May, NJ
Walter Unangst from West Berlin, NJ
Joy Vadakin from Atco, NJ
Cooper Valentine from Lindenwold, NJ
Ann Marie Van Dyke from Berlin, NJ
Alfreda Vane-Reid from Berlin, NJ
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Elizabeth Vaughn from Blackwood, NJ
Myrna Vazquez from Camden, NJ
Anibal Velez from Pine Hill, NJ
Madeline Venella-Stone from Clementon, NJ
Frank Verderame from Runnemede, NJ
Angelina Verderame from Runnemede, NJ
Linda Verna from Voorhees, NJ
Dorothy Versaggi from Gibbstown, NJ
Pasquale Villa from Lindenwold, NJ
Jean VillaMil from Berlin, NJ
Olive Visco from Brigantine, NJ
Anna Vitale from Lindenwold, NJ
Cecelia Vitale from Laurel Springs, NJ
William Vitale from Laurel Springs, NJ
John Vito from Voorhees, NJ
Carol Vollmar from Berlin, NJ
Josephine Voso from Atco, NJ
Arlene Vowles from Blue Anchor, NJ
Steven Wahl from West Berlin, NJ
Jessica Wainwright from Atco, NJ
Lisa Wall from Williamstown, NJ
Dorothy Walter from Blue Anchor, NJ
Charles Wampole from Williamstown, NJ
Grace Warner from Marlton, NJ
Rev. James Wash from W. Berlin, NJ
Louis Washington from Somerdale, NJ
Frances Wasilewski from Atco, NJ
Joseph Watson from Berlin, NJ
Rita Weber from Blackwood, NJ
Robert Weber from Blackwood, NJ
Sean Weingartner from Hammonton, NJ
William Weir from Vineland, NJ
Suzanne Weissmann from Berlin Boro, NJ
William Welch from Mt. Laurel, NJ
Bertha Wells from W. Berlin, NJ
Bernice Weyand from Atco, NJ
James Wharton from Berlin, NJ
Robert Whitley from Berlin, NJ
Jean Wible from Berlin, NJ
Elfrieda Wigglesworth from Berlin, NJ
Eunice Wiley from Berlin, NJ
John Wiley from Berlin, NJ
James "Jay" Wilkins from Sicklerville, NJ
Helen Wilkinson from Berlin, NJ
Harold Willans from Westmont, NJ
Roland Williams from Pennsauken, NJ
Edna Wilson from Pine Hill, NJ
Margaret Winstel from Berlin, NJ
Helen Wishnovsky from Berlin, NJ
John Witcraft from Hammonton, NJ
Isabella Wolf from Atco, NJ
Joseph Wolfe from Gibbsboro, NJ
Burton Wolfe from Blue Anchor, NJ
Helen Wolfe from Gibbsboro, NJ
Mabel Wood from Erial, NJ
Charles Wood from Moorestown, NJ
Mildred Wootton from Scottsdale, AZ
Ethlyn Worrell from Stratford, NJ
John Worth from Florence, NJ
Gail Wurster from Atco, NJ
John Yaroslavski from Berlin, NJ
Marie Yaroslavski from Berlin, NJ
Maria Yecco from Berlin, NJ
Joan Yerkes from Sicklerville, NJ
Edwin Yerkes from Sicklerville, NJ
William Yost from Shamong, NJ
Mary Young from Blackwood, NJ
Evelyn Young from Gibbsboro, NJ
Mary Zagame from Berlin Boro, NJ
Evelyn Zannoni from Brigantine, NJ
Valdo Zannoni from Brigantine, NJ
Robert Zeitschel from Blackwood, NJ
Kathleen Zieger from W. Berlin, NJ
Helen Zimmer from Voorhees, NJ
Lucas Zimmermann from Maple Shade, NJ
Mary Zimmermann from Magnolia, NJ
Catherine Zinman from Pine Hill, NJ
William “Bill” Behnke from Berlin, NJ
John “Bill” Kennelly from Somerdale, NJ
Floyd “Bud” Coates Jr. from Pine Hill, NJ
Walter “Chick” Sitarski from Sicklerville, NJ
Cinnamon “Cinny” from Atco, NJ
Cornelia “Connie” Patchus from Atco, NJ
George “Corky” Leadley from W. Berlin, NJ
Josephine “Dolly” Borriello from Deptford, NJ
Waylan “Duke” Hahn from Berlin, NJ
Priscilla “Gigi” Carey from Tansboro, NJ
Albert “Herb” Chiumento from Folsom, NJ
Michael “Moose” Giamboy from Sicklerville, NJ
Pasquale “Pat” Vadino Jr. from Berlin, NJ
Emory “Pete” Stallard Jr. from Williamstown, NJ
James “Poppy” Rizzo from Stratford, NJ
Winfield “Reds” Siddall from Hammonton, NJ
James “Strut” Matlack Jr. from Clementon, NJ
Myles “Tommy” Doyle II from Riverside, NJ